Friday, 19 July 2013

Blog and UTAUloid update

SO! I have decided to scrap the plan of making a new UTAUloid using my schoolmate's voice because:

  1. I don't think he would be interested in it (I tried asking him; he himself didn't seem up for it)
  2. I'm not the kind of person to pester others into doing something that they're reluctant to do
  3. Recording takes time
  4. Its a bit of a bother to ask the person to record for VCV as well

I will, on the other hand, be moving forward with the plans to make the new UTAUloids using my voice, because, it is so much easier, and I can make my voice however I want it to sound like.

My camp was AWESOMEEEE but it only lasted for 3 days because of the stupid haze and people's stupid parents (as well as mine) calling up the school worried about their kids at the camp, because of the haze. We're going again in November though, to make up for this failed one :D


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