Monday, 12 August 2013

Hibiki has an MMD Model YAY

So I have finally made a model for my UTAUloid Hibiki Kaoru heheheheh isn't he cute :3
You can download him here :)

I know, the MMD model doesn't look exactly the same as his concept art, but its a concept right? As long as it looks similar. (because I tried to make 3d stuff but i failed so i can only rig stuff hahahhahaha)

Model Credits:
LAT: base (bikini miku), shirt (len) & shoes (sailor miku)
Animasa: pants (swimsuit len)
3DCG: hair

Deviantart account credits
MMDFakewings18: hair (rigging from 3DCG)
Y0K0NI: headphone
Rezo-sempai: eye texture
mayahatsune: belt
pianomanjojo: lat len (rigged the shirt from his model)